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3. Southern African Crises

This year, 13 million people are "at risk" in famine prone Southern Africa. The Southern African Crises site gives  background information on the region, the countries and the crises.





  • Globally Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Database - Lessons learned in developing a global IDP information project. The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has since December 1999 offered the humanitarian community comprehensive and updated information on internal displacement around the world through its Global IDP Database. This information initiative is one component of the Global IDP Project (, which also provides training and its own publications on internal displacement. The dramatic growth in the availability of humanitarian information during this two-year period has not just enabled the Database to realize its advocacy role, but also to provide a valuable working tool for humanitarian actors to access IDP information in a cost-effective manner. Future development of the Database is now very much dependent on diminishing the gaps that exist in the reporting on internal displacement and improving the variable quality of existing information.

  • Refugee Nutrition Information System  
    The Refugee Nutrition System interpretative reports on the health and nutrition of refugees/displaced persons from countries affected by emergencies.

  • Famine Early Network System 
    The FEWS site contains country information related to food security in SSA.

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
    DHS Coverage and Conflict Areas
    DHS Health Indicators and Migration
                       Infant Mortality
                       Child Mortality
                       Under 5 Mortality
                       Female Head of Household



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