The SMART listserv is now available for subscription.

The listserv is moderated and all messages will go to the entire group. Please follow this instructions before you send a message.   

  • To subscribe to the listserv send a message to   in the body of the message type:



  • You may  leave the list  at any time  by sending a  "SIGNOFF SMARTINDICATORS-L" command to .


  • Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can get a list of  the available  archive files by  sending an  "INDEX SMARTINDICATORS-L" command to  . You  can then order  these files  with a "GET SMARTINDICATORS-L  LOGxxxx" command,  or using LISTSERV's  database search facilities. Send an  "INFO DATABASE" command for more  information on the latter. 


  • This  list is  available  in digest  form.  If you  wish  to receive  the
    digested version  of the  postings, just issue  a SET SMARTINDICATORS-L DIGEST command.


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