SMART Expert Panel Meeting
Brussels July 13, 14 and 15


Introduction to SMART, Anne Ralte (Flash) (PPT)

SMART Integrated Approach, John Seaman (Flash) (PPT)

Assessing Malnutrition, Mike Golden (Flash) (PPT)

Food Security, John Seaman (Flash) (PPT)

Assessing Mortality, Debarati Guha-Sapir (Flash) (PPT)

Mortality, Richard Garfield (Flash) (PPT)

CE-DAT, David Hargitt (Flash) (PPT)

Update on G8, John Becker (Flash) (PPT)

Measuring Mortality, Courtland Robinson (HTML) (PPT)

Sampling, Jon Pedersen (Flash) (PPT)

Follow Up, Anne Ralte (Flash) (PPT)






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